Friday, 5 May 2017

Just some painted turtles on a log.

As soon as the ice is off the ponds and the sun starts to warm the air and water, painted turtles start climbing out onto  logs to sun themselves.  Certainly after a Canadian winter we all like to get out in the bright sunshine, soaking up the rays and feeling glad that spring and summer are coming.  A good way to see painted turtles up close is from a car window at a roadside pond.  Turtles can see and hear you coming from a long ways off, but those that live in ponds close to gravel roads get used to the vehicles and don't see them as an immediate threat, these big noisy things whizzing past don't come diving into the water trying to catch turtles.  (At least not intentionally.)  If you can find a spot on a quiet backroad where it is safe to pull over on the shoulder and not block traffic,  you may get a good view of turtles basking on logs, like these two eyeing me suspiciously when I rolled down the window and took a few photos with  a 300 mm zoom lens.

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