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KFN Bio Blitz 2015

We have just received information for the Kingston Field Naturalists 2015 Bio Blitz event:

April 2015

Hello Participant!

The Kingston Field Naturalists invite you to join us in the
2015 Great Canadian BioBlitz
This will be our 17th in the Kingston area! We would like to record over 600 species in 24 hours and hope that everyone, including our volunteers, will find it a fun and educational event.
The idea for the BioBlitz comes from the Canadian Biodiversity Institute. It’s an inventory of as many living things as can be identified within a 24 hour period. Specialists and experts from a diverse set of disciplines will be grouped with interested volunteers to explore the area under investigation. The inventory and interaction of volunteers with the public are integral goals of this event.
The BioBlitz takes place from 3:00 pm on Friday, 12 June to 3:00 pm on Saturday, 13 June, 2015. 
The event will run, rain or shine.

The Site

We are delighted for the opportunity to hold this BioBlitz at Wintergreen Studios at 9780 Canoe Lake Road (north of Sydenham).  This is a 204 acre property and has a variety of habitats including forest, cliff, ponds/lake, stream, cranberry/tamarack bog, fields and a butterfly garden.     
Access from Kingston. Allow about one hour from Kingston to the site.    Car pooling is suggested.
Directions to Wintergreen Studios- 9780 Canoe Lake Road
GPS location: 44.592608, 76.529491
From Kingston follow Sydenham Road north to Sydenham, then north on Bedford Rd to Desert Lake Road (north of Helen Quilliam Sanctuary) then 10 km north on Canoe Lake Rd. to 9780.
From the west (Toronto) turn north on Hwy 38 (Hwy 401 exit 611). Just north of Verona (25km) turn right on Desert Lake Road to T intersection (18km).  Turn left onto Canoe Lake Rd and go to 9780 (10km)
From Westport go west 10 km on Bedford St.(County Rd 12). After Fermoy turn left onto Canoe Lake Rd and go 7 Km to 9780.

Camping.  We may camp for that one night at the site.  Primitive camping only.  Privy available. There is no running water and no fires are allowed.  There will be a charge of $10:00 per adult to help cover the BioBlitz costs.  Please register in advance with Peter Good at HYPERLINK or 613 378 6605
Bed and Breakfasts (also available on line) should be booked well in advance.
Wintergreen Studios 613 284 4656  Bed only $50.00
A Victorian Reflection Bed and Breakfast, Westport 613 273 8383
Cove Country Inn (The) Westport 613 273 3636
Church St. Bed and Breakfast Westport 613 273 9112
Loon Lake Bed and Breakfast Westport 613 273 3839
Snug Harbour Cottages Canoe Lake Road 613 374 5412
Desert Lake Family Resort, Desert Lake  613 374 2196
Canoe Lake Tent and Trailer Park 613 273 5232 Registration
Participants must register at the BioBlitz base site between 2:30 and 7:00 pm on Friday, June 12 or between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm on Saturday, June 13.
Species observed
A written record with your name must be handed in for species to be included in the final tally. Upon registration, a tally sheet will be provided and a map of the property. A tally will also be kept at the BioBlitz base site so you may look at species already recorded and note those that may yet be found. Please return your final tally sheets and field notes to the base site before departure. Tally sheets will be copied and returned if you wish. A reward will be offered for checking out and returning tally sheets.

What to bring
* Please bring your own meals and snacks, but note the Saturday BBQ option (see below) and coffee available     at the base site 7:30 to 8:30 am on Saturday.
* Please also bring sunscreen, insect repellant, hat, and a flashlight for night activities.
* Good walking boots are advised. Wear long pants to protect against Poison Ivy, deerfly and ticks.     Tick protection also with long boots, gaiters, and/or 30% deet. 
* Your own clipboard, checklist and field guides, binoculars and magnifiers.
* Cameras and GPS units will be useful (but not required) to record rare species and species needing identification.
* Potable water and a washroom will be available at the base site. Please bring your own water bottle and travel mug.
*Cell phone coverage at the site is unreliable (Rogers and Fido best).
* Nearest stores Desert Lake and Westport
A barbeque lunch will be available on Saturday from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. Darren Rayner, our chef again this year, will provide sausage on a bun (or vegetarian), ice cream and drinks.  The suggested donation is $5 (no charge for under 18 year olds). First come, first served! You may wish to bring a chair.  Do join us for the BBQ.  Informal remarks and Quiz prizes at 12:30pm.
Please . . .
Plan on taking your garbage home with you.
NO dogs at this event. Please be sensitive to the fact that this is private property and we are there with the kind permission of the owners. Try to keep the impact to a minimum and attempt to leave things as they were found. Collecting should only occur where necessary for the inventory and trap-and-release and/or photographs should be used wherever possible. We are requesting that all qualified observers prepare NHIC species occurrence forms for rare and declining species observed during this event. Forms will be available on request.
If you have expertise not covered in the accompanying program, please come and educate us! Please also let us know if there is anything you might need that we might supply.
We look forward to this event and hope you do as well. Please share this information with anyone you know who might be interested.
Contact us if you plan to come or have any questions: Anne: phone  613-389-6742 or e-mail " .
Janis: phone 613-540-1167 or e mail

Yours truly,
Anne Robertson, Coordinator HYPERLINK ""       

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