Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A new year!

It comes as a shock to realize that my last posting to this blog has been a year ago!   There comes an age in one's life, when one is fortunate to have lived a half century or more, when the hands on the clock seem to have sped up.  (Just using a reference to "hands on a clock" in this digital era is telling enough about one's age, but I digress....)

My apologees to those looking for updates in this past year, I could give the usual excuses about a dial-up internet connection, personal responsibilities and so forth, but I shall spare you.  The good news is that members of the KFN Executive have expressed interest in more timely updates for the blog, so we may be able to get a couple more people onboard to publish more items of interest.

So....onward to new beginnings for 2015!

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