Wednesday, 18 May 2011

KFN Amherst Island Sanctuary

Paul Mackenzie sends us photos taken on April 27, 2011 when a work crew of KFN members got the cattle watering troughs ready for the season.

The KFN owns about 200 acres at the southeast end of Amherst Island.  In order to maintain grassland  for birds that require grassland habitat, the fields are rented to a drover who pastures 85 head of cattle for the summer.  A solar system has been set up to provide water for the cattle.  Erwin Batalla, head of the Nature Reserves Committee, along with help from Bud Rowe, Hugh Evans, George Vance, Peter Good,  and Hugh Evans worked to get the troughs cleaned and the system running.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the property, migrating waterfowl were flying over the gravel bar, and a mute swan took advantage of the pond.

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