Sunday, 1 May 2011

Dragons and Damsels Update

Not only the birders and butterfliers have been busy this weekend, the Seymours have been out and about taking advantage of the nice weather.  Carol Seymour sends this report and photo:

Dragons and Damsels Update

As usual, the first returnees from the long migration up the eastern seaboard are the Common Green Darners. We saw nine on Saturday on a couple of the CUBE trails and there have been reports of others from all over the Kingston 50km area. While walking beside a pond, we saw a pair wheeling (mating) which means in a little while there'll be lots of Canadian Darners in the air. For those not familiar with these insects, the Common Greens are the big green odonates  reminiscent of military helicopters that remain with us all season long. Like most dragons, they will try to eat anything that doesn't eat them first. Fortunately, they are completely harmless to humans, even little ones.

Carol Seymour

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