Friday, 8 April 2011

Weekly Bird Report, Friday April 8, 2011

Peter Good has been collecting bird reports for our area for KFN records, and compiles them into a weekly summary for a province-wide network.  With his permission they will be published here on the blog as well.


Lots and lots of waterfowl. There were almost thirty species this week including 8 Trumpeter Swans at the Narrows Lock last Friday, 2 N. Shoveler at the lagoons on Monday, 11 Snow Geese, 8 on Wolfe Island and 3 at Crosby, and Green-winged Teal at Charleston Lake P.P., Wolfe Island and the lagoons. The first two Bonaparte's Gulls of the year were at the lagoons yesterday.
Raptor reports have diminished but Bald Eagles are still in good numbers near the lakes north of the city. Unusual was a Peregrine Falcon at Westport last Sunday. Osprey have returned, seemingly all at once. The first was at Bedford Mills on Saturday, then at RMC, Amherstview and Collin's Bay on Monday, a pair on the Aragon Road on Wednesday and three more sightings on Thursday; at the Lennox Generating Station, Adolphustown and the Queen's Biological Station.
Redpolls and siskins remain in good numbers at many feeders enhanced by a few returning Purple Finches and the now almost gold Am. Goldfinches. Other winter birds seen of late include a Bohemian Waxwing at Loughborough Lake on Saturday and a N. Shrike at QUBS yesterday.
Tree swallows have arrived in numbers. Mixed in were two Barn Swallows on Wolfe Island and at RMC on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. Yesterday there were 2 Purple Martins with Tree Swallows at Westport.
The best sightings of the week were a pair of Great Egrets on the Clogg Road on Tuesday and a very early Spotted Sandpiper at QUBS yesterday.
Peter Good

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