Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Migration is heating up!

More and more reports of warblers are coming in, along with other summer species.  Mark Conboy posts this report to  the  Ontario birding list:

"Migration has been slow along Opinicon Road this spring. But this
morning has been the best one so far. Philina English and I had the
following highlights this morning:

1 orchard oriole (early and a rare species on Opinicon Road) - Queen's
University Biological Station

1 Lincoln's sparrow (early) - Opinicon Road near Rock Lake Road

warblers: northern waterthrush, black-throated green warbler,
black-and-white warbler, ovenbird, pine warbler and yellow-rumped
warbler - along Opinicon Road

I'll post more updates on warblers and other birds as migration progresses."

Mark joins us on the Executive this year as a Member at Large, we look forward to more of his reports.
Now, if we could just get some drier weather to get out and about and enjoy the birding.  The cloudy weather doesn't bode well for things astronomy-wise.  Coming up this week is a rare gathering of 4 planets close together in the dawn sky, along with the new crescent moon.  Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars will be in the same area on the eastern horizon just before the sun comes up on the morning of April 30th, with the crescent moon joing them on May 1st.  Currently the weather forecast says sunshine for Saturday, but clouding over again afterward.  At least if we can't see our own sky show, Terence Dickinson will be sure to have some good slides of the night sky during his presentation, he will be our Speaker for the May Dinner Meeting this year. 

                                                                                                Posting:  R. Burke

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