Saturday, 30 April 2011

Cerulean Wabler, Opinicon Road: Request for Information

This note copied off the birding list from Mark Conboy:

The first cerulean warbler of 2011 has returned to Opinicon Road. I
found it singing infrequently on the north side of the road 100 m east
of the Skycroft Campground sign.

Request for information on Opinicon Road's cerulean warblers: There
are 100-106 pairs of cerulean warblers breeding on the lands owned by
the Queen's University Biological Station. Most are concentrated in
1,250 ha along Opinicon Road. Last year Paul Martin, Liz Purves and I
colour banded about 85 males. Banding was part of a longterm
monitoring programme, part of which hopes to determine return rates of
banded birds. We'd appreciate reports of banded male (and female)
cerulean warblers from Opinicon Road and its environs. If you would
like to submit a sighting you can simply email me privately
( The only information I need form you is the
band combination (each bird has 4 bands, 1 of which is always a
standard silver CWS band and 3 plastic colour bands; each band
combination is unique, no two ceruleans at QUBS wear the same
combination) and a general location (i.e. near Skycroft Campground or
6 km from Perth Road, etc). Colour band combinations are usually
reported as "top left/bottom left - top right/bottom right". For
example today's cerulean warbler was wearing the colours white/white -
white/silver. Please don't feel obligated to submit your sightings,
but I'd welcome them from anyone who is interested in doing so. Thank

Other recent migrants along Opinicon Road: scarlet tanager, common
yellowthroat, blue-winged teal, brown thrasher, grey catbird. The
orchard oriole originally found on 27th was present at Queen's
University Biological Station again on the 28th but hasn't been seen

Directions to Opinicon Road: From Kingston: Go north on Division
Street/Perth Road/County Road 10 to just past Perth Road Village. Turn
east (right) on Opinicon Road. From Ottawa: Go west on Highway 417 to
Highway 7. At Carleton Place turn south (left) on Highway 15. Follow
Highway 15 for about 60 km through Smith's Falls and all the way to
Chaffey's Lock Road (name changes to Opinicon Road west of Chaffey's
Lock). The best birding is between Chaffey's Lock and Perth Road.
Queen's University Biological Station (main operations centre;
emergency address 280) is located at the end of Queen's University
Road, 2 km west of Chaffey's Lock.


                                                                            Posted by R. Burke

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